Ghost Town Freeride 2017

Sbanda Brianza just organized one of the best italian freeride ever,
we couldn't miss it: see what happened!

Consonno, "the Ghost Town"

100 riders, an abandoned luxury town, the "Sbanda Brianza" organization.. in case you don't know it yet, it means Hardcore riding and party!

We couldn't miss this event, so the owl family just reached the spot on Friday, bringing with us the survivor kit for 2 hardcore days.
This year the rider list was really huge, including also some guys from other states, it was awesome to see so many new people!

The track was pretty fast, around 65/75 km/h, wide, clean, well protected;

The asphalt was a bit icy, but riders were so much skilled that they had no problems in freeriding at high speed!

After some runs we decided to rest a bit at the second corner, probably the fast one, where a rock band was performing and where you could have cold beers..  Beers, skating, live music.. come on, what a day!

During the evening we stayed all in the main Consonno's square, where we found an awesome Mini Ramp and a best trick contest to entertain everyone.
Obviously the party was crazy as everytime we meet Sbanda Brianza's guys, so we just gathered the survivors in the morning and get back on board.

Fred Falco

I had the chance to share some beers with Daniel Iseli from Rocket Longboards, such a nice person, you should meet him during the next events!
The second day was a bit more difficult 'cause of all the night spent in drinking and dancing, (hehe, but we never give up!)
so somebody decided to relax and test rocket decks, carella's and algal boards, chill a bit and then end up the day with that incredible prize lottery.
Somebody won decks, wheels, a night with Simone Capozzi, somebody threw some watermelons, but it was all normal, it was a Sbanda Brianza event,
what did you expect?

 mirko paoloni mariano conti.jpg

Riccardo Forno riding his Owl IstèriaJuan Diego Lara skating his Owl IstèriaSimone Capozzi riding an owl Strix

SOME FRESH VIDEOS of the weekend:


Mariano Conti - Welcome to Majanal Crew

Dominic Schenk & Danilo Porto - Rocket Team

Wanna learn more about this town, you can find HERE a bit of history!
Wanna Join the Sbanda Brianza family and subscribe to their association? click HERE !

Thank to Pedro, Charlie and Matteo for the photos!


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